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    The function of the driving recorder

    1. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. If there is a collision with pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles crossing the road, they may be extorted. If there is a driving recorder, the driver can provide valid evidence. 2. Play back the surveillance video records, the accident...

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    Convex lens imaging law

    In optics, the image formed by the convergence of actual light is called the real image; otherwise, it is called the virtual image. Experienced physics teachers often mention such a method of distinguishing when telling the difference between real image and virtual image: “The real image is...

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    What is lens distortion?

    This is a problem within the scope of optics, which has its own standard definition in optics. The image produced by taking a photo with the camera will be distorted. For example, we all have the experience of taking pictures with ordinary cameras at home. There is a kind of lens called a “...

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    How to adjust the aperture of the lens?

    When adjusting the iris, the iris is always in a larger aperture state. Only when the shutter button is pressed to release the shutter, the aperture automatically shrinks to the set f-factor, and the aperture returns to a larger aperture after exposure. What is the lens? The lens has two fingers ...

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    Knowledge about lens parameters (this article can be divided into one or two according to the content)

    1.Image size The imaging size is also the screen size; Image size of sensor: Continue to use the standard format size of the camera tube, it is the outer diameter size of the camera tube. 2.Focal length The concept refers to the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point of light gat...



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