Why Choose Us


1. High-tech automation equipment
Our door has a variety of sophisticated equipment to assist our production. The equipment is customized and purchased by professional manufacturers. Sensitive monitoring devices can accurately detect any problems with our products. The foolproof system can avoid any errrors happened in the production process, Errors, thereby greatly improving the quality of the product and the efficiency of production.

2. Strict inspection standards
2.1 Raw material inspection standards
All raw materials can only flow into production after being tested by the relevant inspection department. We adopt the MIL-STD-105E single normal sampling standard to adopt the appearance of level II, and the specifications and functions to adopt the S-2 level of incoming material inspection specifications.
2.2 Finished product inspection standards

3. High precision tolerance control
At present, important optical dimensions can be accurate to the following specifications: the tolerance of the outer diameter of the lens can reach ±0.005mm; the aperture/irregularity can reach -3/0.5; the optical axis can be accurate to 30". The center thickness of the lens can reach ±0.01mm. Metal parts With military production precision machinery equipment, the tolerance can be controlled within ±0.005mm.

4. High-level team support
Our design and R&D personnel have more than ten years of work experience in this industry, and they can design and develop precise and suitable products to customers according to their needs. They are very professional.

5. Support customization (OEM, ODM, OBM)
We can design products according to customer needs, meet customer needs to the greatest extent, and support foundry.

6. Perfect after-sales service
The company takes integrity, efficiency, and customer first as one of its core concepts, and has established a complete after-sales service system on this basis: as long as you find any problems with our products, we will definitely give you a satisfactory solution. We always promise to customers: customer-centric, customer first.


In addition, we introduce a variety of fully automatic equipment to assist production. Our equipment can be quickly and automatically replaced by pre-program settings to complete the assembly of different lens parts. Moreover, the machine is equipped with complete quality inspection and material protection. The mixed foolproof system, together with the vision software, performs facet recognition MARK, nozzle recognition and precision compensation before the parts are assembled, which greatly improves our production efficiency and at the same time produces products that meet the customer acceptance standards.

Equipment name Fully automatic assembly machine
Suitable for lens outer diameter φ8mm~φ16mm (other sizes can be customized)
Lens barrel movement method Whole plate moving back and forth + visual positioning
Number of assembly stations 2 pcs
Number of parts that can be assembled ≤16pcs
Number of parts 2~16pcs
UPH 180~90(Have vision)
Lens barrel feeding method Placing the material
Lens feeding method Placing the material
Spacer feeding method Placing the material
Mylar sheet feeding method Mylar mechanism feeding/wobble plate feeding
Finished product receiving method Single tray (manual receiving)
Visual 3pcs
FFU Standard
L*W*H 1350mmX1050mmX1715mm
Overall size L*W*H
equipment weight 800KG
Power requirements AC220V/50HZ
Power consumption 2.5KW
Air pressure requirement 0.6~0.8MPa
Ambient temperature 0~40℃
Environment humidity ≤80% non-condensing