MJOPTC CCTV lens 6mm focal length 1/2.3″ large target HD lens

Short Description:

HD 5MP -8 MP optical lens, used in closed-circuit monitoring system, waterproofing pre-installed vehicle market, in line with IP68 waterproofing standards.

  • EFL: 6.0mm
  • F/NO: 1.6
  • TTL: 25.46mm
  • Sensor: 1/2.5"
  • Material: Glass+Metal
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    High-definition all-glass lens monitoring security system, the first choice of high-definition monitoring system, best-selling global explosion. Exquisite security, elite wisdom, what you want, in one step.

    Professional R & D, production and sales of optical lenses, to create a security flagship, to be a leader in the security industry, and to create a megapixel high-end lens monitoring market.

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